Fintech with a twist

A team of four InterBee students embarked on the Shareitt project to research, introduce and launch Shareitt on the Dutch market. The team facilitated the creation of communities in the Netherlands, specifically at the Hague University, and prepared a launch event.

In the six months the team was active, they created a business plan, assisted in development of the application and created awareness of the product.

During their time, they reached almost 4.000 people through social media marketing with a limited budget, sent information of the product through the university intranet, held an event with 40 ~ 50 attendees and created a video advertisement to be shared with prospective users.

The team was in constant touch with the Israeli-based fintech company, transcending borders and cultural limitations to come to a fruitful ending of the project in which both parties were satisfied.


The team had this to say:

“During the last 6 months, we have created a connected and motivated team. We have grown as professional individuals and have had key experiences in shaping our future careers. Working in an international and multicultural environment whereby we had to consider key differences between peoples, whether that be religious, cultural or ethnic, was enlightening and of great value to our personal development.”

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