SWIFT gpi Compliance Research

In a world of continuous innovation and tightening directives, a multicutural team, of various faiths and beliefs, formed of 3 students form THUAS embarked on a journey to help Corzap, a future-ready banking software provider, understand their target clients and find prolific business leads. Matching the speed of the market, the team launched, in under a couple of months, 2 distinct surveys and reached out to all potential clients asking about their views and readiness for the November 2020 SWIFT GPI compliance regulations.

The team provided a complex report on the current situation of bureaus and banks in regard to the changes, the readiness of Corzap’s stakeholders, 5 fully ready prospective business partners and many more under the pressure of market limitations, integrating end-to-end functionalities found. The value-adding strategic incentive brought all parties involved in this project agreeing on the positive resolution provided and possible future collaborative functionalities.

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